The Page

Sifting through the thoughts on the page

A glamorous, spectacular serenade

Freedom, expression, the thoughts are just

It exposes, enlightens, our inner handcuffs

Come to a conclusion if you dare

The fruitful tree is bound to bear

Another rabbit hole, lest be forgot

It only stirs and thickens the plot

For this is our only sword

To slice down the demons that infect the hoard

We are true and rightly so

For we reap, what we sow

So never forget what your mind uncovers

It’s like two miraculous star crossed lovers

Use your knowledge as a gauge

To break free out of your cage

But most of all in this day and age

Never forget what you put on the page


Let The Playlist Set You Free

Music by it’s nature is designed to invoke emotions in others and that’s what makes it so incredible. Grooving to the beat of a great song to get hyped before epic adventures to something to listen to all alone when you’re feeling sad and everything in between. These emotions are powerful things and at least for myself have helped me through all of life’s roads.

Up until recently I was the type of person to listen to an album religiously and focus on the music rather then the message. This changed quite dramatically as of late and now I’ve shifted focus to making playlists to reinforce a specific feeling or circumstance. I’ve made several so far but I’ll only introduce the first one I made a few weeks back and it is as follows…

  1. Every Rope A Noose – The Black Dahlia Murder
  2. Snuff – Slipknot
  3. Dead Memories – Slipknot
  4. Till We Die – Slipknot
  5. Along For The Ride – Dream Theater
  6. Anywhere But Here (Duet) – Five Finger Death Punch w/ Maria Brink
  7. Agony In Her Body – Sage Francis
  8. Pull Me Under – Dream Theater
  9. Crumble – Sage Francis
  10. Nine Summers – After The Burial
  11. 100 Ways To Hate – Five Finger Death Punch
  12. Build Me Up, Break Me Down – Dream Theater
  13. A Light That Never Comes – Linkin Park w/ Steve Aoki
  14. Unretrofied – The Dillinger Escape Plan
  15. The Bleeding (Acoustic) – Five Finger Death Punch
  16. The Bigger Picture – Dream Threater

This list may seem like it’s all over the place but it has three distinct parts to it and that’s the beauty of playlists. They can invoke so many emotions all at once but can lead to an ultimate conclusion that may escape your grasp at the current time.

Eventually I’ll be posting two more playlists relating to “study/hype” music and the more specific “protest” tunes. Playlists are an under used tool that should be embraced for the simplicity to create and the power they wield


I would like to take a moment to briefly welcome all the new followers I received yesterday! This blog essentially exploded with new people coming out of the woodwork. I hope everyone enjoys what they’re reading and aren’t afraid to make a comment or two.

Feedback is important to keep great content coming!

Yours Truly