Why I Write

This isn’t an easy question to answer nor should it be. Writing, especially when expressing one’s opinion, is inherently something very personal that opens the door to criticism both thrilling and disappointing.

While it’s a journey I enjoy very much I struggle with the perception of others and how they would see my inner expression. As I explained in my previous post about opinions not defining you it’s still not an easy task to separate your expression of those opinions vs the opinions themselves.

Expression is something I excel at but when it’s on a personal level I tend to avoid it. While this has made for some interesting situations in life it is one I am fully trying to break through my writing. Even still I find it difficult and even counter intuitive to mix emotions with hard hitting discussions. Emotions are quite often the culprit in the strange reactions I see in my peers so removing it from at least one side of the debate seems to lessen their invoked response. After all there’s little point in trying to get a point across when the other side isn’t even processing the information.

I write to express myself, to capture opinions in others I may not have noticed and I also write simply for therapy.

Being able to sit back and let your expression go through the words you paint across the blank slate is a feeling I care deeply about. Peering at the blank page and understanding that it could be anything that your heart desires. It could be a piece of poetry, a discussion on recent events, a life experience or just the mindless ramblings of the day. The possibilities are endless and it’s what true inner expression is made of.

Watching profound opinions rise out of topics where you thought you covered everything is also another sight to behold. It’s in moments like these that you begin to grasp the concept that everyone will form opinions and express them in different ways. When these begin to happen though responses to your writing you learn about the respondent but more importantly you learn about how your words can dazzle or disgust the masses. For better or worse it has the strength to grow you as a human being

Perhaps the most important of all is writing for therapy despite it always being in the background. This was never the true intention I had when I started this blog but it has always played a critical role. Even now as I write this I’m sitting in my college with the sound of the HVAC unit humming, the student population wandering by chattering about topics that won’t matter in the days and weeks to come, with the faint sound of a ping pong game in the background. It is strangely peaceful, relaxing and a perfect setting from which to slowly type away at the keys of my laptop. While this is the first time I’ve chosen to write in such a setting I feel as though I’ll come back to this place.

Writing for therapy concerning myself also includes how I choose to promote my blog. Only a select few in real life have ever been told about this place and it gives me a sense of security. When there are no social or personal hindrances in writing it allows you to fully engage in what your expressions may become.


Writing can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a driver for social change or destruction, it can be a getaway from what bothers you or it can be a place to simply express gratitude. However you view writing there is one thing that it always is; it’s a form of personal expression that has the power to do whatever your heart desires.

Until next time,



Opinions Don’t Define You

As debates rage across the world in fantastic and spectacular ways I always find myself in the position of heated conversations. While there is nothing better than discussing the important issues of the day there always seems to be an elephant in the room.

Everyone has their opinions and expressing them seems fundamental in our human nature. I find it exhilarating when I find someone’s opinion so vastly different from mine. Did we come to different conclusions due to the same set of facts and if so why are they so different?

More times than not this is not the case and either myself or the other party has been misinformed about a critical fact. To the vast majority of the population when these obvious issues in the fundamental of the conversation are pointed out a torrent of anger and rage explodes the otherwise fruitful discussion.

It left myself wondering why this is a while ago and I came to a rather disheartening conclusion. People think that their opinions define who they are. This something that can be overcome but it requires a large conscious effect on the part of the individual. Once that it achieved though, it will change your life forever.

Opinions are like choosing what you want to have for breakfast. If you always eat cereal but someone offers you steak and you think that’s a better option then take it. You’re not changing who you are as a person because you picked something more appealing. This is fundamentally the same on an intellectual level concerning everything from world views to what clothes you think look good.

If you’re in a debate with someone and they give an opinion that you think has some merit then by all means use it. I’m not saying that you have to completely disregard your old set of opinions and beliefs in favor of the new one. You are free to pick and choose what you like about it and mold it into a new set of opinions. This is how you’ll grow as a person and evolve as nature intended.

Usually when this is put across in conversations I’m hit with the inevitable question of;

“If my opinions don’t define me and my beliefs are based on my opinions then what does define me?”

The answer is that your ability to make those choices is what defines you. It is not what you may choose as an opinion today but the fact that you can make those opinions in the first place. Sifting through the abundance of knowledge and coming to a conclusion is what defines you.

We are constantly changing and our opinions should too


Until next time,


A Better World: Social Welfare

Today I began thinking about ways that the system is flawed and the most glaring topic that came to mind was the “Welfare” system. Not to say that I disagree with it as a whole but it’s implementation is deeply disturbing. Some of the issues I have seen are as follows;

1) There are numerous situations where those stay collecting a government cheque for years without any desire to find a job. The “Why work when you can get free money” mentality

2) Some are collecting welfare due to the fact that there stuck in limbo between that and disability. Not disabled enough currently to get disability but not well enough to work.

3) The lack of applicable programs that can force those to go out and retrain to get off the system. Programs like this currently exist in some regards but most just complete them as per there participation agreements with no desire to actually work. There is no consequences either for not obtaining employment

There are more issues that currently exist but these are the most glaring. They are complicated social issues but with a few implementations they could be fixed. Government intervention and reform is needed to better shape our society and those who are at the bottom of the social ladder.

The implementations that could miraculous change the system are as follows;

-Have term limits for the welfare system to avoid the “career” collector. Something in the effect of two years in any three year period.

-Have a multi-tiered/bridging system. This would work in effect by creating essentially four categories of ranging from welfare to permanent disability as follows.

-The first step would be basic welfare for single individuals or single non-custodial parents. The focus in this system would be to retrain the person in a high demand field of there choosing from a list of candidates. The flexibility of this would be in the essence of the person getting essentially “free” schooling (up to a maximum of $5000) and being forced off the system within three months of completion. Pay now to save money later mentality from a governmental point of view.

-The next tier would be single parents with custodial rights to small children. More discretionary benefits would be provided in terms of child care benefits. The flexibility of this would force parents on welfare to obtain at least part time employment within one year of application. This tier is meant to be a supplement as opposed to paying living costs entirely and would not be subject to term limits provided the receiver retained at least part time employment. The supplement would slow decease as the child got older and reached school age

-Welfare-Disability hybrid would be next. Think of this as a sort of “proving” ground before a disability application could be processed. More benefits in terms of medical/dental would be provided in the hopes of making the receiver work able without the headache of being stuck in limbo forever. There would be a one year limit for this and then moved to another tier or removed from the system entirely (for fraudulent claims).

-Last but not least disability. Not much would be changed to the actual system except that it would be considered permanent disability (not temporary) and the only way to actually apply would be from the Welfare-Disability hybrid. This would cut down on the numerous cases of those stuck in limbo or collecting disability for issues that aren’t considered permanent

In my opinion changes such as the ones listed would create a brand new society. These are some of the flaws in the system I see currently and welcome any suggestions/comments!

“You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members”Ghandi