Minor Updates and Writer’s Block

Some quick updates were done on the “Who is JSTRD?” page. Nothing too major but it’s worth a look if you’re interested in learning about the face behind the posts.

I’m STILL working on “Morals vs Ethics” currently but I think I’ve come to an impasse. I know exactly what I want TO say but portraying it how I want is being difficult. There is also the whole issue of the dreaded conclusion which has eluded me completely. Needless to say it’s incredibly frustrating.

I think I may find something else to dissect in the meantime and leave “Morals vs Ethics” on the back burner for awhile. We shall see how the next 24 hours ago. I’ll make sure to keep this updated


Portfolio Updated!

I have finally updated my portfolio with a bunch of ArcMap and AutoCAD projects. There is still more but a good chunk of it is currently available! Take a look, leave a comment or just enjoy the hard work that went into it.

In other news I have finished year two of my program today, only one more year to go….It’s a bag of mixed feelings currently as I’ve been in school for over a year straight. Going through a bit of culture shock at the moment but it’s time well needed to update my portfolio and things that have been neglected (such as my ocarina)

I have also been furiously applying to engineering firms all over Canada. Not particularly picky about where I end up at the moment as working in the field is what I aspire too…more specifically doing land surveying full time as a career…


p.s. I’m still working on “Morals vs Ethics” it’ll be up in the next few days

Updates Incoming!

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog but rest assured some big changes are coming soon!

First and foremost some major reworking of the “portfolio” page. Lots of previous school projects will be posted in the next little while ranging from AutoCAD to ArcMAP.

Secondly a new debate and view point post will be published. I’m still somewhat debating on what it’s going to be about but I’m leaning towards “Morals vs Ethics” and the dilemmas associated with them. As always I’m open to suggestions as this is not concrete as of yet.

In the mean time here’s a video on a sports team proposal I did for a school project. Enjoy!