The Scent Of Discontent

The scent of discontent is rising

Is this ultimately surprising?

Are we no longer capable of compromising?

The people are going around and analyzing

While others are more concerned with enterprising?


Have we truly reached this crossroads?

This seems like a long drawn out episode

Individuals acting as solitary nodes


What really happened to our connections?

We are on an unsavory direction

But it’s never too late for a massive correction


Treat them as if they were your friend

Even though they may not blend

We have zero right to apprehend

Put out your hand and defend

We no longer have to pretend

We can still make an amend

For this is our only way to transcend


The scent of discontent if falling

Keep your voices loud and calling

To the masses as they continue sprawling

We have to continue stalling

Or we’ll be left on our knee crawling



Until next time,





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