I’m Steel Here

As I sit and ponder my studies in structural analysis I’m in a strange way relating it to my life. For all too long I’ve been torn in several different directions, both in career and personal aspects. It has been a constant state of tension for better or worse. This brings my studies into quite the limelight. A bit odd but quite rationalized on a fundamental level.

If a steel beam is being put into tension on the top then it has to be put into compression at the bottom when bended. This relates to myself as all the tension I’ve experienced put myself into this odd state of compression. Bottling everything up until one day….Everything changed.

Materials, such as steel, have another interesting property called a deformation point. This is where a material has experienced so much stress that it no longer bounces back to its original point. A sad day for a material and it may seem gloomy but alas, not all is lost. Steel especially actually increases in strength past this point (not indefinitely) and this is where my story intertwines nicely.

I hit this deformation point personally. I shook off all my tension and let everything that was compressed out into the open. A glorious day indeed when I could feel everything that was putting negative forces on to me bounce off without a scratch.

I increased in strength exponentially that day and although I may not be the same person any more, deformed though external forces, I am glad I got through it. A more rationalized human being is what has emerged.


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