The Project

After taking more than a year off to see the real world applications of my half completed degree I’m now officially back to finish what I started. In a brand new city, not knowing anyone here and just being able to focus on my studies.

This time around I can honestly say I’m enjoying learning immensely and instead of just cramming my head full of formulas I can look back on my experiences for inspiration. These are no longer dead end equations meant to siphon off the unmotivated or unwilling. These are numbers that can invoke project changing emotions in those who know what they mean.

I have seen the wonders of these mathematical obstacles when they are used in perfect unison with the project. The sheer joy of contractors and owners alike when things work exactly as they should. Its ear to ear smiles and “good job” for anyone within ear shot. Everyone feels on top of the world and longs for more moments such as these.

I have also seen the terror when seemingly unnoticeable errors in these amazingly simple equations are shrugged off in the design or ordering process. Pushed under the rug and never given a second thought about. These are the devils in the project that create pandemonium that shakes projects to their knees. The life and death of the project hinges not on the big mistakes that the majority notices but on the minute ones that hide, fester and disease the project. These are the mistakes that are the cattle cull of the project.


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