A Better World: Social Welfare

Today I began thinking about ways that the system is flawed and the most glaring topic that came to mind was the “Welfare” system. Not to say that I disagree with it as a whole but it’s implementation is deeply disturbing. Some of the issues I have seen are as follows;

1) There are numerous situations where those stay collecting a government cheque for years without any desire to find a job. The “Why work when you can get free money” mentality

2) Some are collecting welfare due to the fact that there stuck in limbo between that and disability. Not disabled enough currently to get disability but not well enough to work.

3) The lack of applicable programs that can force those to go out and retrain to get off the system. Programs like this currently exist in some regards but most just complete them as per there participation agreements with no desire to actually work. There is no consequences either for not obtaining employment

There are more issues that currently exist but these are the most glaring. They are complicated social issues but with a few implementations they could be fixed. Government intervention and reform is needed to better shape our society and those who are at the bottom of the social ladder.

The implementations that could miraculous change the system are as follows;

-Have term limits for the welfare system to avoid the “career” collector. Something in the effect of two years in any three year period.

-Have a multi-tiered/bridging system. This would work in effect by creating essentially four categories of ranging from welfare to permanent disability as follows.

-The first step would be basic welfare for single individuals or single non-custodial parents. The focus in this system would be to retrain the person in a high demand field of there choosing from a list of candidates. The flexibility of this would be in the essence of the person getting essentially “free” schooling (up to a maximum of $5000) and being forced off the system within three months of completion. Pay now to save money later mentality from a governmental point of view.

-The next tier would be single parents with custodial rights to small children. More discretionary benefits would be provided in terms of child care benefits. The flexibility of this would force parents on welfare to obtain at least part time employment within one year of application. This tier is meant to be a supplement as opposed to paying living costs entirely and would not be subject to term limits provided the receiver retained at least part time employment. The supplement would slow decease as the child got older and reached school age

-Welfare-Disability hybrid would be next. Think of this as a sort of “proving” ground before a disability application could be processed. More benefits in terms of medical/dental would be provided in the hopes of making the receiver work able without the headache of being stuck in limbo forever. There would be a one year limit for this and then moved to another tier or removed from the system entirely (for fraudulent claims).

-Last but not least disability. Not much would be changed to the actual system except that it would be considered permanent disability (not temporary) and the only way to actually apply would be from the Welfare-Disability hybrid. This would cut down on the numerous cases of those stuck in limbo or collecting disability for issues that aren’t considered permanent

In my opinion changes such as the ones listed would create a brand new society. These are some of the flaws in the system I see currently and welcome any suggestions/comments!

“You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members”Ghandi


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